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Custom Design and Value-Added Solutions for Commercial Services

Your commercial interior should represent your business and reflect the quality standards your business delivers. From the office to hospitality, A1CM has been providing exceptional design solutions for more than 15 years. We are specialized in a range of customized furnishings and finishes from the manufacture of window treatments to the creation of unique upholstery. If you are looking for a partner to fulfill your design and quality preferences, A1CM Shades & Blinds is the perfect match. We go the extra mile to understand your design preferences and only use the best quality materials for the aesthetics and the functionality of the commercial space. Speak to us for dedicated and professional commercial services you can trust.

Commercial services delivered by the craftsmen at A1CM are simply unmatched in integrity, quality, and the finest attention to detail. We are proud to deliver on our promises of high-quality design and functional solutions that create a conducive workspace. Tailored upholstery ensures beautifully fitted window treatments to regulate sunlight, efficiency, and improve privacy. Bespoke upholstery delivers custom sofas, chairs, and furniture that add appeal and lasting finishes. Create a powerful and positive impression with a selection of the finest quality products only we can provide.

Energy Efficiency

Creating an energy-efficient office or hotel interior requires the best insulating features. At A1CM, we manufacture and install a variety of window treatments to improve the energy efficiency of your space.


A beautifully styled office that is conducive to the needs of the workforce encourages productivity. The right selection of window treatments, upholstery, and professional interior design provides an attractive finish and a functional environment.

Aesthetic Value

Create the right impressions for commercial and hospitality services by investing in the beauty of custom features and accessories. At A1CM, we are here to add value and that distinct wow factor for the commercial space.

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Commercial Window Treatments

A fully custom window treatment includes shades, blinds, shutters, and drapery in a selection of quality fabrics, patterns, colors, and dimensions. Our customized window treatments support energy efficiency by creating insulation, light control, and improving ventilation. Our window treatment experts determine the perfect fit and provide an unmatched installation of your choice in window treatments. Along with the performance of a beautifully crafted blind or a contemporary shutter, we bring professional design aesthetic to represent your commercial space in the best possible light.

Custom Upholstery

From the slipcovers to protect the furniture’s integrity to the creation of aesthetic wall panels and more, we produce fully customized upholstery services for commercial purposes. Our interior design aesthetic is unmatched in quality and integrity. If you have a specific design for window treatments or upholstery for any commercial purpose, consult with our A1CM Shades & Blinds team. We are here to realize your design goals and the high-quality services you can rely on with our dedicated designers and manufacturing specialists. Brighten your interiors, create custom and complementary colors to display your brand design, and invest in the finishes only we can provide.


Modern Commercial Interior Design

Creating a conducive and functional space is all about the right interior design. Whether for the office or your hospitality needs, our professional designers can advise on the best selection of fabrics, patterns, textures, and furniture design to produce a modern aesthetic. At A1CM, we continue to deliver the highest standard in furniture and window treatment design that is modern and functional.

When space is lacking in functionality, it has a direct impact on productivity. A1CM has the expertise and experience to help you find the perfect balance between form and function. For your commercial properties, our team introduces customized designs that are perfect for every situation! Our mission is to elevate the design and style of every space we handle, and we achieve this flawlessly by combining our design expertise with your vision.

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vertical blinds

The vertical blind, with its seamless design and sleek manufacture, creates an elegant finish and ease of adjustment for light, ventilation, and interior energy efficiency. Vertical blinds are simple to install and maintain, making it one of the most sought-after window treatments for all sized windows. For a chic appeal that is easy to keep clean and among the most affordable installs, the vertical blind remains a firm favorite for residential and commercial purposes. We bring samples for fabrics, materials, and even motorized blinds for your home and your business to ensure valuable, lasting, and aesthetically appealing results.