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Elegance and Opulence Await with Miami’s Custom Drapery Services

Available in a multitude of impressive styles, classic finishes, and beautiful textures, A1CM delivers on the promise of elegant and value-added drapery in Miami. Whether for your home or a hotel, our fully customized drapes are manufactured from the finest materials and in accordance with the latest design trends. Drapes are simply stylish and instantly transform the look and feel of a room with the correct fitting and design. At A1CM, we offer a range of the most impressive drapery created to last while ensuring luxuriousness and beauty. Drapery that is appropriately secured will add a unique finish while regulating indoor lighting and privacy. Please consult with our design team on gorgeous drapes to deliver the enhancement you seek.

stylish Drapery

Customized drapery in Miami will keep your newly manufactured curtains and drapes from sweeping the floor and collecting dirt, but most importantly, it incorporates an impressive design aesthetic and the perfect fit. Drapes and curtains that are poorly fitted and ill-designed will begin to fray, fade, and leave an unkempt appearance. 

Light Filtering

To maintain your interiors' modern appeal while creating a light-controlled environment, we present blackout and light-filtering fabrics. When the sunlight during spring and summer concentrates on a space, it can damage furniture, paintings, and valuables. Our light filtering drapes can block out sunlight keeping the interior cool and comfortable.


Keeping drapes closed or adding sheer curtains is an easy way to create much-needed privacy. If your windows face a busy road, public space, or you simply wish to add a sense of security and privacy, our design solutions can deliver the best results.


The soft sway and delicate flow of contemporary drapes and curtains are simply unmatched in design aesthetic. In various shades, fabrics, and styles, it is the one window treatment that delivers the most incredible beauty and elegance.

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Euro Pleat Drapery

The Euro pleat is for the casual space that requires a neat and simple to operate window treatment. You can find sleek European pleats that attach to a rod with rings or for a unique design choice; pinched Euro pleat drapery adds a distinct gathering at the top of each drape. Pleated drapery is a high-quality material that adds an attractive finish to any room. It is suitable for living spaces and bedrooms. Keep sunlight out and enjoy the long paneling that elongates a window area. Rely on A1CM for a signature Euro pleat drapes.

Pinch Pleat Drapery

The pinch pleat drape is a uniquely designed window treatment. The fabric for the drapery is pinched near the top, creating a distinct shape, and added fullness. Our pinch pleat drapes are manufactured from high-grade fabric to withstand daily rigors while maintaining its beautiful shape. These drapes are considered a classic or traditional finish but can create a bold style statement and modern finish with a patterned fabric. For the finest in pleated drapes, our team of exceptionally talented craftsmen can design and manufacture the drape of your dreams. Please consult with us for personalized window treatments you can trust.

uniquely designed drapery

Ripple Fold Drapery

Ripple fold drapes are simple in design yet provide the neat and contemporary appeal that would complement any decor theme. It is fitted onto a track, making it the easiest drape style to operate. The ripple fold is recommended for rooms where drapery is constantly opened and closed. Most will add sheer curtains below the ripple fold drapes to add a layer of privacy. If you are looking for custom curtains in Miami and ripple fold drapery, A1CM is the name you can trust.We are here to help you select colors and textures but, most importantly, the perfect installation.

Grommet Drapery

Grommet drapery is a popular residential style curtain owing to its ease of installation while delivering a beautiful finish. It has been given its name for the grommet rings upon which it hangs. Grommets are available in many shades, textures, and finishes, contributing to its in-demand style for the modern to the quaint home. These curtains are easily identified by its deep folds making it the ideal selection for the home or business. Call us today to learn more about the different styles of drapery that we offer!