Motorized Blinds and Electric Shades Miami

Add Sophistication and Value with Modern Motorized blinds in miami

A motorized or an automated blind makes for a simple, valuable, and beautiful window treatment. Designed for seamless operation, the motorized blind eliminates the need for manual function. This is particularly useful for large, heavy blinds that cover large windows, whether for the residence or the commercial space. The most common styles of motorized shades in Miami that work with automation include Roller shades, Venetian blinds, and Roman blinds, among others. These blinds work by a motorized application. It includes a rechargeable battery and remote control. With a single charge, able to last for 3 to 12 months at a time, you can benefit from the convenience of these motorized window treatments.


Our motorized blinds in Miami are seamlessly installed. This includes hidden accessories so you can benefit from an automated function without unsightly cables and connections. Motorized blinds Miami are rechargeable owing to their battery operation. Providing months of performance, it is easy to keep your blind fully functional.


When adding blinds or blackout shades, the automated operation makes for a convenient enhancement. The window treatment is designed to provide function by opening and closing or adjusting the slats without operating the product manually. For large window treatments, motorized additions provide convenient performance.


When correctly installed and fitted, your motorized blind can deliver incredible longevity. A1CM blinds and shutters are built with high-grade materials, including a variety of fabrics. It will not deteriorate when exposed to UV light and incorporates lasting mechanisms to ensure durability.


From solar to blackout blinds, keep your windows and your interiors secure with our motorized shades in Miami. Easy to operate, you can adjust your blinds position and shutters with the touch of a button.

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When you choose A1CM as your shades expert, you can be sure of having an amazing experience of fitting your windows with the right shades in Miami. With hands-on experience of a decade-plus in the industry, we love to innovate, do things differently, and think out-of-the-box. Our process includes inspecting the windows that need treatment and understanding various aspects, including your aspirations behind installing new shades. Once the purpose and requirements are established, our experts suggest the right shades in Miami to transform the look and ambiance of the place.  Contact us today for a free consultation and in-home estimate.

Motorized Solar Screens

A solar screen that incorporates automated operation helps you control the amount of sunlight entering the property while providing seamless function. Solar screens are designed to minimize the amount of harsh sunlight entering a room. With more people focused on environmentally friendly window treatments, incorporate solar-powered rechargeable batteries. This ensures your blind or shutter continues to operate off the grid. Our electrics shades in Miami are designed with UV protective fabric. This ensures that your furniture and valuables remain safeguarded against direct sun exposure and heat. Incorporating a high-quality shade can deliver superior sun protection, ensuring that your interior energy efficiency is maintained. 

Motorized Blackout Shades for Miami home and business owners

For windows directly exposed to harsh sunlight, the interior can become hot, and furniture suffers damage. Sunlight entering a bedroom can also become problematic as the light disrupts sleep.  Blackout shades in Miami consist of a dense fabric to keep sunlight at bay. It is designed to prevent any form of exterior light from entering the space and is a common addition for bedrooms. With the addition of motorized operation, you can keep your interior cool and comfortable. Protect against UV light by incorporating automated and remote functions.

Motorized Shades Miami

Motorized Sheer Shades

Light-diffusing sheer shades with a motorized operation will diffuse the amount of light entering the space. Its simple and contemporary style, along with its UV protective qualities, will prevent the intense light from damaging furniture, wall decor, and valuables. The sheer shade is designed to allow minimal amounts of light into a room while maximizing privacy. The sheer structure helps adjust the smooth angles of the shade to ensure the correct amount of light and privacy is delivered. Sheers create a soft appeal that is elegant and modern. For custom motorized shades Miami consult with the professionals at A1CM.

Motorized Roller Shades Miami

The roller shade is available in a variety of fabrics and materials with classic operation. The addition of motorized features contributes to the ease of operation these styles of shades provide. With its efficient operation, the motorized roller shade is durable, it is modern, and it gives a complementary style for any interior decor. The convenience of a motorized shade simply cannot be denied. It is fast, effective, and delivers a secure fit for a beautiful window enhancement. Operate your blind and shade from the next room and achieve the best energy efficient benefits along with privacy for living and working spaces. Contact our team today to receive the same top-notch quality electric shades Miami residents and businesses have counted on for years.